Hi! I’m Heidi, and I have been a creative and marketing professional for my entire career. I ran my own company for 16 years while I raised (and homeschooled!) my two amazing sons, Cal and Jake. Once they didn’t need me so much anymore (boohoo), I knew I needed to get back into the working world because I love people and love being part of something special.

I am a seasoned and well-rounded senior marketing professional with expertise in marketing strategy and planning, digital marketing, content planning and creation, creative design and processes, team management, market research, analytics, budgeting, sales, trade show and event management, and interpersonal skills.

Throughout my career, I have maintained my love of all things design, and have worked on numerous logo designs, corporate identities, brochures, infographics, trade shows, P.O.P, sell sheets, advertisements, and basically anything else that can be designed. Adobe Creative Suite is second nature to me, and I have worked with clients such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Ryka Footwear, and NASA. I have even had my work incorporated into the American Water Works Association’s standard for water audits.

I am an avid writer, and have written everything from blogs to press releases to ad copy to technical papers. Did I mention I love research? If it needs to be written, I can write it…and proofread it so it is error free.

And of course, since we are in the 21st century, I am a digital marketing maven, with a passion for all things digital. Social media? Check. SEO? Got it. Email marketing? But of course. Remarketing? Yup. WordPress? You got it. Apple? #since1984

But what do I love the most? Well my boys, of course – including the one I married! I also love my three little Yorkies. But right after them I love positivity, kindness, enthusiasm, innovation, problem solving, fitness, reading, philanthropy, beaching, organic food, data security, and clean water. I also believe in teamwork and collaboration and a blameless environment where learning and improvement are continuous. Those are all things that I love.

OH! And smiling. Smiling’s my favorite! Just ask Buddy the Elf…